Asset & Works

Saving time means saving money. And for asset-centric businesses, that means extending equipment life, maximising uptime, and increasing field service efficiency. That’s where we come in.

We bring years of expertise in refining business processes and the power of SAP technology, to help you streamline asset management.

Think180 can help you to:

  • create an effective asset management strategy that is clearly aligned with IT solutions
  • manage the entire lifecycle of your assets, streamlining the process for managing property, plant and equipment
  • plan and schedule maintenance to increase efficiency and save money; develop technical object structures and hierarchy
  • develop work management solutions for tasks like asset inspections, planned and unplanned maintenance, vegetation management, and public/security lighting
  • create efficient project cost estimating solutions
  • manage your fleet effectively
  • better collect and manage an asset’s data in the field to improve productivity.

Think180 are utility process specialists with worldwide experience and a finger on the pulse of SAP innovations.

Watch how machine learning can help you turn your asset maintenance from reactive to proactive.

Time saved is money saved