Fleet Inspection & Compliance Solutions

Drive your Fleet Inspection and Compliance on the Job using your mobile device with SAP.

  • Are your Heavy Vehicle Fleet processes compliant with the Heavy Vehicle National Laws and Chain of Responsibility requirements?
  • Are you effectively managing your Fleet Assets?
  • Do your processes and systems provide full visibility of your Fleet Asset life cycle?
  • Do you find storage and retrieval of compliance records challenging?

Think180 has developed web-based mobile applications and solutions that are integrated with SAP Enterprise Asset Management and Fleet Management to assist Australian organisations in lowering their risk of non-compliance.

Our Fleet Inspection and Compliance solution provides your business with simple, flexible and integrated applications enabling the following:

  • Heavy Vehicle Chain of Responsibility compliance;
  • Fatigue Management;
  • Efficient, transparent, auditable and reportable processes;
  • Mobile applications accessible on any web-based device;
  • Fiori applications integrated with SAP Plant Maintenance;
  • Easily adaptable to any asset important to your business;
  • Integration with Vehicle Management Systems (VMS).

Our mobile applications are targeted at Vehicle Operators and Fleet Managers responsible for providing safe and compliant operations.

Our suite of applications include:

  • Field capture and maintenance of SAP Equipment and measurement points;
  • Pre-Operative Checks;
  • Scheduled Vehicle Inspection and Service Tasks; and
  • Simplified SAP Fleet Maintenance (repairs) processes.

Our solutions provide significant advantages over alternative approaches:

  • Transparent and Auditable
    The solution integrates seamlessly with the SAP back-end providing a full transactional and time-stamped history of the inspection results and a clear and reportable audit trail.
  • Chain of Responsibility
    Lowers the risk of non-compliance with the Heavy Vehicle National Law minimising risk and managing safety.
  • Easy to implement and change
    The solution is easily configurable to meet the specific needs of each asset type; building in the manufacturer and legislative recommendations.
  • Simple and easy to use
    Mobilise the workshop allowing them to simply interact with a web-based devise to record inspection result; create and assign notifications; and close out notifications and orders. Only displays what is necessary to the user.
  • Increase productivity
    Users interact directly with the application (on any device) eliminating the subsequent data entry required in SAP (measurement points, notifications, orders).
  • Improved time to value
    Our solution enables a faster, more predictable implementation; instant roll-out to multiple & different devices; reliable and simple to use User Interface minimises the change management impact.
  • Reporting
    Use SAP Standard reporting features to retrieve and report upon inspection and compliance results.

Transform the way you drive your Fleet